Leadership in Architecture

We define ourselves as leaders. Inspiration, vision, and creativity are our greatest strengths. The skill sets we posses bring value to our clients. Our knowledge and experience drives our conviction and authoritative response.

We transform the diverse information we receive about a project into a cohesive and well thought out design. Good listening skills allow us to absorb and use information to develop innovative and creative solutions.

Community Leadership and Advocacy

Advocacy and community leadership plays a large role at Gary W. Anderson Architects. We strive to identify the issues and concerns in our community, partner with individuals and organizations by sharing our knowledge and vision, and create messages to the public. We initiate discussions that resonate to produce a positive impact on our community. Advocacy often involves challenging the status quo and organizations in need of change. We believe in creating a vision for the future. We are committed to revitalizing the communities we serve and lead by example.

Property Value Study

Our firm has always had a strong commitment to developing our community not only through our architectural work, but also through identifying the issues that are impacting Rockford’s future growth potential. We recognized a trend of declining property values over the past 50 years and the lack of investment that has occurred. We have contributed our time and efforts to analyze this issue with in-depth research.

The low property values affect how Rockford can attract investment, how an investment is financed, as well as what types of services our governmental bodies can offer when operating on budgets that are financed by local real-estate taxes. Our efforts have included conducting research, creating community conversations, searching for best practices amongst other similar communities, and bringing industry leaders that are affected by this trend to the table to discuss the issues in an open format.

As more people are engaged and become aware of this crucial issue, we hope that our efforts to address low property values will result in an engaged community that encourages investment and best practices.


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