Burpee Museum of National History

About this project

In 1992 the Burpee Museum of Natural History put forth a challenge: design a $4.4 million, forty-thousand square foot addition to the existing Italianate museum, a National Register landmark building constructed in 1857. The result not only gave the expanding museum activities much-needed space, but also helped provide the museum with a revamped image as a large, progressive institution of learning. The top priority for this project was to integrate the new addition with the strikingly detailed design of the original structure. Burpee Museum respects its own history as well as the history of its collections and wanted this respect reflected in the new design. To achieve this, we used sedimentary limestone similar to the original and even sculpted “fossils” into the stone.

Date of Completion:  1999
Project Type:  Featured, Public Buildings
Address:  737 N. Main Street, Rockford, IL